Becoming Energy Self-Sufficient

In times of recession, everyone tries to find ways to save money and tighten their belts. Energy costs represent a large proportion of household expenses, so it is logical to point to this section when it comes to reducing it.

Energy self-sufficiency has long been seen as a boring lifestyle for people who have a lot of time on their hands. That is not true. Everyone tries to participate in this work and become self-sufficient in some regions of their lives from planting some vegetables to building a wind power generating plant in your backyard.

How to be energy self sufficient?

Building a wind farm in your backyard is an option, but it may not be a viable option for most people. The best place to start is to verify what you are charged for electricity, can you get a better offer?

Once reviewed, investigate small wind turbines for your home. One can be able to operate all its lights and think about how much it can save you. According to my own experience, the wind turbines available today in the affordable local market offer a solution to run everything in your home. It is just an aid or contribution to the power that your home uses. There are some types available that, on average, will produce enough energy, perhaps to provide you with six energy-efficient light bulbs in your home, which can be considered part of the way to owning an independent home.

Most DIY professionals can install the axial turbines themselves following the instructions in the kit. However, when you start thinking about connecting to the network and selling the excess electricity, you should call an electrician to make the connections. That can be done, as we have seen many times, with great success.

There are many other options to help your home be autonomous, including solar panels for your hot water, as well as ground and air heating pumps for the central heating system. Again, you must balance the profits with the cost of buying these systems and installing them to see if they are beneficial for your home. Consider who you employ to install these items, as they can be a complex set of tools that require someone with a good knowledge of them. We have seen closely the problems faced by a client who hired a non-specialized company to install a heat pump in their home, and the costs have increased dramatically. There is no reason for this, as long as you look first.

As our natural resources continue to decline, many of us have begun to rely more on energy self sufficiency methods. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it, or you’ve been thinking about it for a long time. However, there are excellent reasons why you should change if you have not already done so.

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