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A car or automotive battery is one that can be recharged, which is used to supply electrical current to the car or automobile. It is mainly used to supply the current to the starter which then starts the car’s engine. As the engine starts to run, the battery continues supplying the electrical systems of the car with power. On the other hand, the car’s alternator charges the battery with an increase or decrease in the demand for power in the car. The following question will help you get a better understanding of your car’s battery.

How often do you need to replace a car battery?

Car batteries are a very strong part of any automobile considering the number of tasks they carry in keeping a car running. They function well regardless of the weather they find themselves in i.e. cold or hot weather. When a battery performs its functions, there is not much attention needed on it. However, once it gets old, your car battery will start misbehaving and it’s time to get a replacement.

Most car owners don’t know the exact time to replace a car battery and this sometimes leads to car problems in the road. It is important to understand when to replace your car battery so that it doesn’t malfunction and leave you stranded on the road. In normal conditions, a car battery should last approximately 4 to 5 years before being replaced. Once this period is over, you should be looking for the warning signs that will tell you it is time to replace it.

How do I know when my car needs a new battery?

It is very unfortunate to find out that your car needs a new battery when it won’t start and you are stuck on the road somewhere. Batteries usually wore down with use and their lifespan. Any car driver needs to understand clearly when his/her car needs a new battery. The following are some of the warning signs that can help you determine when a new battery is needed for your car;

1. Cranking of the engine and it doesn’t start.

This is mainly caused by having a flat battery and sometimes problems with the engine ignition or fuel system. This may mean that the battery may have worn out and cannot generate electrical current enough to start the engine. Its terminals may also get loose or corroded with time and therefore prevent electrical current from flowing to the starter motor. A faulty alternator may also lead to a flat battery.

2. The engine doesn’t crank

When the car engine doesn’t crack and all other accessories such as the light and radio are off, it means that the battery is completely drained and flat. Some things may cause this but it mostly relates to the battery being damaged or old. This means that a new battery is needed immediately.

3. The car needs to be jump-started every time.

In circumstances where you always have to jump-start the car, then it is obvious that the car battery is worn out and a new one is needed. Regular jumpstarting of the car usually damages the battery and therefore, it has to be replaced.

4. Swollen, cracked or a leaking car battery

Once you notice that the case of your car battery is swollen or damaged, then you simply know that a new battery is needed for your car. Also, leaking of the battery acid implies that the current one needs to be replaced immediately.

How long does the average car battery last?

In normal conditions and circumstances, your car battery should have an average life span of 4 years. After this period is over, the battery wears out and cannot function as usual. But since not all car batteries are the same, the average lifespan of any typical battery will range from 2 to 5 years. The length of time it will last usually depends on other factors such as how long it can hold its full charge and the capability of being recharged. Other factors include temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. Under the ideal conditions and good care of your car battery, it can serve you for up to 6 years before you can replace it.

Is replacing a car battery easy?

It is a relatively easy task to replace a car battery and can be done in a few minutes. This task is usually quick and simple once you have the right tools. It is a task that will take you approximately 10-30 minutes. You can use the following steps to guide you:

  1. Identify the positive and negative terminals of your old battery and loosen the bolts holding them and remove their cables starting with the negative cable.
  2. Unscrew the clamp holding down the battery and remove it. Thereafter clean the battery tray.
  3. Place the new battery into the cleaned tray and make sure each terminal goes to the correct place. Attach and tighten the cables starting with positive cable this time.

How do I keep my car battery healthy?

Keeping your car battery healthy is very important. The following are some of the things you can do to achieve this:

  1. Always ensure your car battery is securely fastened in its tray.
  2. Always keep its connectors clean.
  3. Perform regular inspection on the battery case
  4. Always start the engine when all other systems are off.
  5. Avoid extreme temperatures.

How long can a car battery last without the engine being on?

A new and fully charged car battery can last for up to two weeks without the engine being on. The longevity lies entirely on the functions in the car that are being used when it is not moving. However, after two or three months, the battery will get discharged completely.


Getting the answers to these common questions about car batteries will be of great to most car owners. We hope you now understand a thing or two about your car batteries.

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