What is renewable energy?

renewable energy

What is renewable energy? Renewable energy is a source of energy that does not diminish and obtains the replacement from natural sources. Renewable energy is undoubtedly profitable because it can be refilled. With this form of energy, we have no fear of running out of power.

Types of renewable energy sources:

Solar energy

Solar energy is renewable because the sun is always shining bright. Believe it or not, all the energy of each living being comes from the sun. The sun is the source of all the energy that is here on Earth. However, the sun’s energy is converted directly into electricity through the use of solar cells. For this reason, photovoltaic cells can quickly take us to an illuminated era.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy can be considered as one of the renewable energy sources simply because we will never run out of nuclear material. Not only do we have an endless supply of fissionable content, but every atom we use has an incredibly large amount of energy.


Hydropower is the generation of energy through hydroelectric power. Usually, a dam is constructed to store water, and then the flow of water is regulated, and turbines are activated when water flows downstream. It is a renewable resource because as long as the rain continues to rain, the river will be full, and we will have water in our dams forever.

The bad thing is, we always have an inherited issue with this type of energy source. In particular, when we build, dams there is an inescapable need to relocate the local population in the affected area. People have to move, usually without the help of progress in the transition. The local fauna is also not lucky. The region may be flooded too, and there is no consideration on how the entire ecosystem will be affected.

Wind power

Wind energy amazing and never-ending. Wind turbines began to appear in all kinds of places, but generally in areas where the wind blows at high speed. The only drawback of wind turbines is that the electricity they produce is very sporadic. Sometimes the wind blows, sometimes not.

Biomass energy

Biomass energy comes plants which consist of leaves, grains, tobacco, manure, farts, or any organic matter that can burn. Another alternative is to collect the gases emitted by the decomposition of organic matter. That is easy, however. It is renewable because of life multiplies. There are many suitable plants to generate electricity or convert them into biofuels or gasification. However, we need to prevent the change of fertile land from food production to the production of crops as a biofuel or to avoid the use and production of plants for the production of biofuels instead of for human consumption.

Geothermal energy

It is the process of taking energy from the heat of the earth and converting it into energy that we can use. That can be theoretically as long as the core of the Earth is fused.

The above-mentioned are the sources of renewable energy. We can be energy self-sufficient by utilising these resources. Renewable energy sources not only save our money but also our future.

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